Our Member's MGs


MGs identity, succeeded by latter cars to T-series was established by this J2 Midget.

1933 J2

The majority of differences between J2s and P types.

P became to have an octagonal badge at the centre of the front apron.
The shape of window screen pillers has changed. J had straight one but P had rather round-shapeed one same as TA, TB, and TC.
The shape of behind the door was round at J2, rather bigger at P type same as TA, TB and TC.
Carring the spare wheel on the petrol tank was on the cradle at J2, but holding by a spinner at P, same as TA, TB and TC.
The diameter of the brake drums became bigger, from 8 inches to 12 inches.

Instrument panel was alloy at J2, it became wood at P types.