MEET THE M.G. 2015


Sat 23rd May 2015
1st site :Shin-Nishinomiya yacht harbour
2nd site:Rokko-san Hotel

Beautiful weather, no accident.
The event was covered by a couple of internet mags, ″Response″and ″AUTOCAR

Event staff came first.

Attendants arrived. Nobody delayed.

T-series cars in line

Declaration of event opening

MOT of rocker box cars. Weight limit is 4kg. Very strictly measured.
The carb was for weight adjustment.

First race was slope 20 degrees.

2nd race was steeper 30 degrees.

This twin-cam has been winning, but lost this time.

Instruction to the drivers about the route to the 2nd site(Rokko-san Hotel).
Everybody is serious.

The gift was presented by MGCC Japan Centre at the party of 2nd site.

Participant from Tohoku MGCC. Long distance indeed.

The youngest participant got highest points.
Handmade gift was presented.

Look!Million dollar city lights.
Kobe, Osaka, even Kansai airport could be visible at midnight. Quite beautiful!

Another private gathering after the official party. Many wanted to participant, so 10 chairs were added to original 15, but still not enough.

Then another gathering. Drinking alcohol all night?

Next day. Optimal event was held. Please see here.

Thank you for your participation. It was great pleasure to have Meet The MG this year without any accidents.

Photographs of the participation vehicle

#1 MG M-type Midget 847cc 1930

#2 MG J2 847cc 1933

#4 MG PA 847cc 1935

#5 MG YT 1249cc 1949

#6 MG TC 1250cc 1947

#7 MG TD 1250cc 1950

#8 MG TD 1250cc 1950

#9 MG TD 1250cc 1951

#10 MG TD 1250cc 1952

#11 MG TD 1250cc 1953

#12 MG TD 1250cc 1953

#13 MG TD 1250cc 1953

#14 MG TF1500 1466cc 1954

#15 MG ZB Magnette 1500cc 1958

#16 MG1100 Mk-1 1098cc 1967

#17 MGA fhc 1500cc 1957

#18 MGA 1500cc 1958

#19 MGA 1600 1588cc 1960

#20 MG Midget Mk-Ⅱ 1098cc 1966

#21 MG Midget 1500cc 1979

#22 MG Midget 1500cc 1979

#23 MGB-MkⅠ 1800cc 1964

#24 MGB 1800cc 1968

#25 MGB 1800cc 1975

#26 MGB 1798cc 1979

#27 MGB 1800cc 1980

#28 RV8 3950cc 1995

#29 MGF 1800cc 1996

#30 MGF VVC 1790cc 1997

#31 MGF 1795cc 1997

#32 MGF Abingdon 1800cc 1999

Those are 31 vehicles.